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Feel free to post anything that relates to music that is strange, bizarre, unique, annoying, confusing, insane, overrated, or just plain bad. Vids, links, reviews about music, musicians, concerts, whatever.

Their is no set rule as to what makes any music WTF. It's open to interpretation. Don't expect everyone to agree with you.

Arguing is allowed and encouraged. DO NOT however make it personal and attack people on their personal journals or post private information about other members of the community. Point is, I don't think censorship is a good way to run a community and half the fun of talking about music, especially bad and strange music, is in arguing about it. Am I right? If it turns out some people just can't control themselves and act like adults and are only here to troll I'll do something about it. Until than, have fun.


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Lj cut is completely optional

You may only promote other communities or web sites after you have contributed to this community with a relevant post.

You get one warning and than you get banned. It's that simple.

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80's, accordians, amy grant, amy winehouse, andrew loyd weber, b-52s, banjo solos, black metal, bollywood, broadway, burning stone, cameo, cher, contrabassoons, cowbells, cowboy troy, creepy frontmen, dance numbers, daughtry, dead bass players, dead musicians, death metal, devo, disco, don johnson, dr. demento, dread zeppelin, ebn, elitism, emo, esquivel, europe, experimental, fat elvis, fergie, folk music, frank zappa, fred durst, fred schneider, fuck bono, gary glitter, gg allin, glam, goth, grebo, gwar, hair metal, hanson, hating oasis, hating tori amos, hating u2, hip hop, icp, james blunt, japan, john cage, john zorn, justin nozuka, karen black, kazoos, kelly clarkson, kenny g, klaus nomi, kompressor, kraftwerk, leonard nimoy, lionel ritchie, lords of acid, louis prima, lounge, manowar, mariah carey, martin denny, metal, metallica, michael jackson, mike patton, milli vanilli, minstrel shows, moby, mr bungle, mtv, musique concrete, my chemical romance, negativeland, nelson, new wave, nkotb, noise, oi, oingo boingo, patrick swayze, pigface, pointless percussion, polka, pop country, pretentious indie crap, primus, raven, rick astley, rick james, saturday night fever, screamin jay hawkins, screamo, shonen knife, snow, synth pop, talking heads, tambourine, the boredoms, the chipmunks, the gibb brothers, the monkees, the muppets, the residents, the village people, tiny tim, tom lehrer, tom waits, utter crap, vanilla ice, voltaire, warrant, weird al, william shatner, yanni, yello, yma sumac